Walmart 3/24

Total before coupons $19.63.

Total after coupons $1.63.

Tax $1.29.

So, I only spent $0.34.









Wish I had some more of those $3.00 Gain coupons!


Cheap Rayovac Batteries

I was at Walmart last night and I saw a cardboard stand filled with batteries and one of the sides had 15 pack of batteries for $5.95.

Rayovac has a $1.00/1 coupon here on their Facebook page, just click on the Coupons tab, which would make the 15 pack only $4.95.

The Duracell batteries was a 10 pack for $5.95. 11/14 RP Insert has $1.50/1 and 10/31 PG has $.75/1. Either of these will make a good deal, as a 4 pack are $3.50 – $4.

Walmart 10/20

This trip reminded me of why I don’t visit there often, mostly at others’ suggestion. But I won’t continue to stew over what happened, a week later.

But it was a pretty decent trip. I didn’t have coupons for everything, but needed to pick some of it up and Publix was closed.

I spent 11.04.

I saved $27.71.

So what did I get?

2 – Oral B Cross-Action Rechargeable Toothbrushes
2 – Bush’s Best Grilling Beans
1 – Gain Dish Detergent
1 – Red Velvet Cake Mix
1 – Sun-sweet Ones Dried Plums
2 – Jello Pudding Mixes
2 – Idahoan Mashed Potatoes


Walking Around Walmart

While walking around Walmart last night with some of my old co-workers, I noticed that the Pepperidge Farm Goldfish were on sale for $1 a bag. There is a $.35 coupon in the ‘Save Big. Dream Big.’ booklet that I found at Publix. That would make each bag only $.65!! That’s a good buy.