Our Happy Easter

Here is my handsome little man dressed up is his Easter suit.

Here he and I are after church. Can count on smile on demand with him.

I made Easter baskets for Jimmie and his cousin. Here he is enjoying all the many treasures inside. This was a wonderful Easter!


Maximizing Your WIC

Ok, so I get WIC for my baby. It gets him milk, eggs, cereal, cheese, bread, fruits and vegetables and the Pediasure that is helping him gain weight.

One of the things that I have learned through coupons and shopping at Publix is to get twice as much as I can for my WIC checks.

I wait until things that I can get with my WIC are Buy One Get One Free (BOGO). Case in point my trip last night.

My WIC checks allow me to get 36 ounces of cereal, however the Quaker Grits are BOGO this week, so instead of only 3 boxes, I was able to get 6!!!

And on my fruit and vegetable voucher, we get $6.00 of fruits and vegetables, and the Fresh Express Salad Blends are BOGO, so I was able to get two, instead of just the one that I would have been able to get.

Awesome in my book, so now I will be able to eat one of the bags and Jimmie can chew the other bag and spit it out like he always does when he eats salad. He loves salad, but rarely swallows the lettuce.


so, I had to take a break for a while. My apartment community was having a Spring Cleaning Social thing and were renting out booths, so I decided to get a spot, only $10, and try my hand at a Stockpile Sell,  to see how I did. I did pretty well and will be doing one at my mom’s church next month. It was fun, exhilarating, exciting, and extremely exhausting. Top that off with having to constantly chase around a 1 year old that has been hit by the terrible twos!!! UGH!!!

Also, I have been reading the Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning. I started it last week and I am on the 5th book in the series. It is addictive. I have flown through them, and I don’t want them to end. I have even forsaked the Young and the restless for these books, and I watch it religiously! Been a long time since I missed an episode.

Must see movies that are in the blue  and red boxes – Next Three Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Burlesque. Awesome movies.

$2.99 Pyrex Deal














Go here to Shop World Kitchen to get in on this deal. I have bought from here before, and have never had any problems with the quality, shipping speed or any damage when the items arrived. I love using my Pyrex items that I got for super cheap!!!

OK, so I’ve got about 20 Walgreen’s trips to put up, and I have been slack a lot lately, so I will try to get to them tomorrow.

Thanks for reading.

Disney Movie Rewards

50 Disney points (a little tough to follow, but works) from freesamples2fillupyourmailbox on Facebook

1.  Sign in or sign up for Disney Movie Rewards here

2.  Click on this link for Cars Sweepstakes: Enter Sweepstakes here click “enter sweepstakes” in banner that pops up.  If it doesn’t, click on something else and then come back to sweepstakes from the menu bar on the right.

3.  Enter Special Agent Code: Agent506

4.  On the next screen to the right copy and paste the code into your Disney account to get the 50 free points.

All You Reality Checkers: Possibly Free Jeans

Are you an All You Reality Checker? If not, you’ll want to sign up here.

Currently, All You Reality Checkers can head on over here and fill out the simple form to possibly score FREE jeans! They are looking for volunteers who are between the sizes of 8-28. If you are chosen, they will be in touch with you in about two weeks.

Thank you, Hip2Save!!