Walgreen’s 3/31

This was an especially nice trip because this day Walgreen’s had a 15% off coupon, that I got to use multiple times, on each of my transactions! AWESOME!!!!

It’s always nice when you have a wonderful cashier that will work with you and allow you to do multiple transactions. I was so happy that this cashier allowed me to do 6 different transactions!!!! It helps to get it out-of-the-way since I have a 1 ½ year old who doesn’t like making multiple trips.

I spent $11.67. (Which as always, includes my tax, 7% in Florida.)

I saved $74.79.








So, what did I buy?

5 – Edge Shaving Cream

3 – Skintimate Shaving Cream

2 – Always Pads

2 – Renutiz Super Odor Neutralizer Air Spray

3 – Secret Clinical Deodorant Travel Sized

2 – Degree for Men Travel Sized

1 – Lady Speed Stick Deodorant

2 – Colgate Toothpaste (Got left out of the picture somehow.)

1 – Bioré Pore Strips

1 – Bioré Facial Cleanser

5 – Easter cups

26 – Snickers Eggs


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