Bzz Agent L’Oreal Paris Bzz Campaign

I am a Bzz Agent. And this is a Bzz Report. I was sent a package in the mail yesterday that contained “The One Sweep Eyeshadow” and “Double Extend Eye Illuminator Mascara”. I was super excited when I opened it, because they are full sized products, valued at $20.95, and because I love trying new cosmetic products. I can’t wait to have a reason to use it, and will be sure to post pictures of my face when I do. I am really excited to try the eyeshadow, it looks really cool, with this big brush that will take all three of the eyeshadow colors and put them on all at one time, with no need to worry about blending and are supposed to give you a professional look (we’ll see).
The mascara does look a bit intimidating to me, but I will give it a whirl, It is a 2 step mascara, with a base and top coat, something I thought was just foor painting walls, but I guess is now in mascara, so we shall see.

A little about Bzz Agent:
Get free samples, share your opinions
Sample products and spread the word

As a BzzAgent, you join a BzzCampaign to try new products and services from some of the biggest companies around. Share your honest opinions through reviews, Facebook posts, video testimonials, blog posts…however you want. As part of the campaign, you’ll:

* Get free product samples to try yourself
* Help friends discover cool stuff by sharing your opinion
* Influence the brand with your feedback

Plus, you’ll often get free product samples for your friends, too. Sweet!
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BzzScapes is the part of dedicated to product reviews from you and other BzzAgents. Share your opinions of products, whether you love ’em, hate ’em or kindasorta like ’em. Of course, you’ll also find a wealth of honest and informative reviews from other consumers.

You can go here to join BzzAgent.


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