Publix Deli Kid’s Meal Bzz Agent Report

I am a Bzz Agent for We recently received coupons for the Publix Deli Kid’s Meals. We think that they are great. My sometimes picky toddler thought that it was great and ate a little bit of everything. We got the Chicken Tender on the Hawaiian roll, which I thought was pretty great, though it could have come with some condiments, because the sandwich alone was a little dry. But it was just little a mini version of one of big Jimmie and I’s favorite meals; Publix hot and spicy chicken wings with King Hawaiian Sweet rolls, in baby version for our little one. He enjoyed the apple slices and even the Ocean Spray Craisins that we had never tried before, he gobbled them down as if they were candy. He didn’t like the Horizon’s Organic Vanilla Milk though. He loves the Gerber Graduates Smrt sips, so I thought he would like this, but apparently, it didn’t compare. Overall, I thought it was great, and a good value. We will be getting them again.


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